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Are there a number of projects taking place, right now, in your organisation?  Are they managed according to a formal but flexible method that is easy to use and which everyone understands?  If not, might your projects be better managed if they were?

We can design a bespoke framework, based on ProjectDirector our tailorable project management tool, which can be applied to all your generic business projects. This enables all involved to be clear about Why, What and How the project is to be delivered, and Who is responsible for outputs to Whom, and by When.


What is our approach?

At the outset we seek to understand the strategic aims of your organisation and the types of programmes and projects which will be planned and delivered to achieve these aims over the next 3-5 years.

We then work with key people, some of whom will be responsible for owning the  framework and guiding others in its use. The design of the stages, document templates, guidance notes and checklists is dependent on many factors including the:



  • type of projects which need to be managed
  • presence and responsibilities of a project or programme office
  • culture of your organisation
  • level of your organisation’s project management capability


Project Management Frameworks 
Project Leadership

Project Sponsor Development