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Complex To Simple is based in Berkshire and has helped many organisations develop their people, projects and processes over the past ten years.

‘Complex to simple’ is not just our company name – it’s our belief, which guides us in what we do.

We believe that

  • Business is often made more complicated than it need be
  • The answers to business problems are more often found in straightforward, common sense analysis than in elaborate models or theories
  • Consultants often overcomplicate to justify their work but this achieves little for anyone in the long run 

So, we aim to

  • Help people and organisations achieve their full potential.  This is our key motivation
  • Ask the right questions so that we meet real needs rather than just perceived wants
  • Deliver consultancy work, programmes or workshops that fulfil those needs in a time and cost effective manner
  • Be as informal and relaxed as is appropriate but with a real underlying sense of purpose
  • Keep jargon and glossy brochures to a minimum
  • Under promise and over deliver