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Who We Are

CTS is a partnership which specialises in people development, process improvement and project management.  We are based in Maidenhead and have been in business for over ten years. Our clients look to us to advise on, design, and deliver programmes to develop their people and improve the way they work.  In our work we engage people at all levels and roles and are known for our simple yet effective ideas and solutions.  

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler."   

Albert Einstein

What we do

Learning and Development

Our clients look to us to advise on, design and deliver selective programmes to develop their people. These can include senior or middle managers, graduates and trainee managers, newly-formed project teams, or client facing teams.

We are able to combine one to one coaching with workshop sessions and outdoor team and  leadership events whenever appropriate.

Project management and Performance Improvement

We believe that leaders and managers need to have a project management mentality when planning and implementing change. We help by designing or refining frameworks and processes needed to support this.

Business processes need to be closely aligned with the people who use them. Wherever this alignment becomes distorted (often due to business change) this can lead to inefficiency and even conflict!  Our clients ask us to look at selected business processes and propose, design and implement solutions with the necessary training and support.



Laurence Davidson

spent his early career in operations management before moving into project management, coaching and consultancy.  He has designed project management frameworks for William Hill and Caterpillar and delivers management development for a variety of organisations including British Medical Journal, Siemens, Royal Mail, Medical Research Council and a number of Housing Associations. He is on the executive coaching panel for Warwick Business School and is a qualified project manager and active member of the Association for Project Management.  Laurence is also a Licensed Practitioner for Insights Discovery™ profiling and coaching.                


Robert Newcome                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

led teams in the armed forces before embarking on a career in retail management.  He then moved into people development and consultancy in the mid-nineties and now leads a number of leadership and management development programmes for organisations including A2 Dominion, The Portman Estate, BOC and AVIS. Among his process-related work he has designed performance management systems and flexible frameworks for managing projects. Robert also designed and delivered programmes as an Approved Centre for the Chartered Management Institute.



Its easy to get in touch with CTS, You can contact members of the team by clicking here